What to expect during a Reiki treatment

Do you have any injuries you're struggling to fully recover from? Or maybe you're feeling anxious or just out of balance? Reiki is a complementary therapy that anyone can enjoy. It triggers the body’s natural healing abilities (your immune system) to help promote healing and maintain your health and wellbeing.

I'm currently giving treatments outside on my patio, with a warm blanket for you to relax under. I also have my own comfortable treatment room, where masks must be worn throughout the treatment. Distance treatments remain very popular following lockdown where you stay in the comfort of your own home and I do the treatment remotely.


No matter the location, please allow one hour for each session. This includes time for a short initial consultation when you can tell me if you'd like the treatment to focus on anything specific, and time at the end to review the session.


During an in-person treatment you will lay down on a treatment table, fully clothed, minus your shoes and coat (for your comfort and relaxation). I will place my hands lightly on, or just above, areas of your body in your energy field. This stimulates the energy inside and around you.


For distance treatments, you need to be lying down comfortably, preferably without any disturbances. I will speak to you briefly on the phone and can do a relaxation exercise with you if required. The treatment will then start and I will speak to you afterwards to discuss what I, and you, felt.


Clients feel a range of things, but usually areas of warmth and movement inside - your stomach rumbling for example. You may also see colours and shapes. Everyone's experience is different. But you can be sure Reiki will be working during and after your treatment.


Each treatment costs £45. Many people feel better after one treatment, but a series of treatments will give better results. I offer 4 treatments for the price of 3 (the fourth treatment is free). If you have any questions, please phone me or use the contact form.