I offer EFT (tapping) sessions and Reiki treatments. These are both energy therapies which work in different ways but also complement each other.


You can find more information on each treatment on my EFT and Reiki pages. Take a look and contact me if you're unsure which would benefit you the most.

In a nutshell, Reiki is a gentle, relaxing treatment that will allow you to fully switch off from the pressures of daily life while reducing any stress in your body, easing physical pain and boosting your immune system. Treatments last up to an hour.

EFT is a therapy that helps you overcome anxiety, fears and limiting beliefs (changing that little voice in your head from self-doubt to something more positive and supportive). It's similar to talking therapies but focusses more on your subconcious mind in order to remove any irrational thoughts and feelings, so you can move forward with a healthier mindset. Sessions are up to 90 minutes.