Having grown up with a paralysing phobia of spiders, I've always been fascinated by the power of the subconscious mind and how it can control us more than any conscious thought ever can. This fascination grew when a work colleague 'cured' my phobia in about an hour by tapping on me in a storage room at work! I simply couldn't believe that such a process could have such amazing results.

As a keen animal lover, I started working with animals as a young teenager at a local cattery. I went on to study Animal Care and Science at college and have since worked in a busy veterinary practice, and a wildlife hospital, followed by a long stint working as a pet nutrition and health advisor. While these were very anatomy-focussed jobs, I've always maintained my interest in complementary therapies and the power of our minds.

started training in energy therapies and practiced as much on companion animals as I did on people! I'm now lucky enough to be able to work with both people and animals, and I enjoy helping others overcome physical and emotional challenges, as I have myself.

I'm constantly amazed at the results these therapies bring about. Whether it's Reiki where people have felt their stress 'pouring out' of their heads, or felt like they were being enveloped by a protective energy - 'a bit like a mother's hug'; or EFT when people make connections to a seemingly insignificant childhood memory that their subconsious has used to hold them back ever since.

It reminds me that we can all learn from animals and how they live completely in the moment. Because of this, they are extremely receptive to energy therapies and I love being able to repay some of the emotional benefits I've had from them throughout my life, back to those animals in need.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my treatments or how I may be able to help you. Also follow my social media pages (links below) for special offers and treatment packages that are available.