"I have had both EFT and Reiki regularly with Lorna! Both have helped me enormously with severe anxiety, my migraines and my general wellbeing. Either in person or remotely, Lorna is naturally tuned in to you, and what you need! Can't recommend her enough!"

Rachel P

"Lorna’s treatments are just amazing, I can’t recommend her highly enough. I felt better immediately!"

Georgie B

"Lorna instantly puts you at ease and makes you feel relaxed before she’s even begun the treatment - quite a skill. I’ve had both Reiki and EFT with her to help with my anxiety, and I have to say I feel like a different person when we have finished. I’ve been doing online distance treatments with her since lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s definitely helped me remain calm and centred. Thank you Lorna!"

Holly M

"I've had treatments both in person and via distance, and have found them to be both healing and relaxing. I especially like hearing about where the energy concentrated on in my body."

Lynette L

"Reiki sessions with Lorna - whether indoors, outdoors, or remotely - have helped enormously with my anxiety and stress. I just feel so much better after treatment - relaxed and positive. Lorna is so grounded, calm and reassuring and the fact that her lovely Siamese cat likes to lie on me to enjoy the Reiki too is an added bonus. For me and the cat!"

Linda M