How could your pet benefit from an energy treatment?

There are generally two areas where our companion animals can benefit from energy treatments.


The first is for help with physical healing; if they have a long-term injury, are undergoing surgery, or are simply getting older and have developed issues such as arthritis. In these cases I mainly use Reiki as this helps to boost the body's ability to heal, eases pain, and helps calm the mind so the body can relax - an essential part of the healing process. Reiki is a complementary therapy that should always be carried out in conjunction with professional veterinary care. When combined, it can be a valuable addition to your pet's care and wellbeing.

The second area is when our pets are showing signs of anxiety. This can be for a number of reasons and it's important to say that energy therapies aren't a substitute for behavioural therapies, but they are an excellent complement to them. More often, they are used to help with specific issues. For example, if your pet suffers extreme anxiety when going to the vet, energy therapies can be used before and during a visit to help calm them. Other examples include helping nervous cats get used to a new home, dogs experiencing separation anxiety, or helping animals get used to a new addition to the household such as another pet or a new baby.


In these cases I use a mixture of Reiki and EFT, depending on what I feel will provide the most benefit. Treatments are carried out in your home, or somewhere your pet feels comfortable, and distance treatments are also available for pets at the vets, for example.

As animals are so good at 'living in the moment' they respond very quickly to any changes in the energy around them. This makes treatment sessions on animals much quicker than on people, as the animal draws in the energy it needs, then often, just walks away. I'm very aware of the animal's mood and needs, so treatments last as long as they want them to, rather than forcing them to submit to an arbitrary timespan. Generally this is around 20 minutes, but it does differ session-to-session and animal-to-animal.


Treatments are £45 for the first session, which usually takes an hour due to consultation time with the owner and getting to know the animal. Then £30 for subsequent sessions. This price includes travel within a thirty minute journey time from Witley/Milford (GU8 5LL).


Our companion animals

share our energy and feed off

our emotions as we go through life's

ups and downs. If you're stressed or anxious, your pet will know and this may trigger or exacerbate their own issues.


In these cases, I can work with both

you and your pet to help reduce

any stress or anxiety in

your household.